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Diriga Recruiting Services is a full-service recruitment firm focusing on defense industry, aerospace, engineering and information technology. To provide the best career prospects and find the ideal balance between job seekers and employers, we partner with industry-leading companies and seasoned professionals.

A company’s success or failure can depend on its ability to acquire and retain key workers. Diriga Recruiting Services offers options that suit and exceed other hiring companies when the need arises to look for talented professionals. Intellectually, our staffing agency partners with organizations so that we can understand how their recruiting needs are linked to their business goals. We identify leading candidates with this knowledge in hand and provide essential information.

Why engage Diriga Recruiting Services?

We only provide low contingency-based placement expenses charged after good recruit. Given the changing nature of modern industry, both in volume and form, hiring needs typically shift. It is vital to develop a flexible hiring relationship that will respond to your needs continuously. Diriga’s Recruiting partnership offers:

Superior recruiting expertise

Each recruiting team assigned to you by Diriga has extensive experience that helps them understand the needs of your particular industry, so our hiring expertise comes from first-hand experience. We maintain a high level of communication throughout the entire recruiting process with both client and candidates.

Secure top talent

Rarely do the best applicants post a resume or respond to a work advertisement. The high-quality applicants we proactively recognize and hire are the cornerstone of Diriga Staffing. We are actively networking with new talented applicants and improving our relationships with those in our database for that purpose.

Significantly lower attrition

A broader selection of applicants who are correctly tested leads to better decisions on recruiting. With only 2% attrition, Diriga’s specific recruitment enables you to create a team of committed workers who are a cultural match for your company, maintaining your talent with reduced training costs.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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Our Specialties

The search department of Diriga’s Hiring Technology & Engineering positions professionals in a number of technology disciplines, including IT systems, networking, applications and other general engineering functions, such as:

Software Engineers & Programmers

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer 2 - 5
  • Senior Frontend Developer
  • Application Engineer
  • UI/UX Developers
  • Full Stack Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer

System Architects & Developers

  • Solutions Architect
  • Solutions & Security Architect
  • Algorithmic Engineer

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

  • Data Management Specialist
  • Capture Manager
  • Sales Engineer

Enterprise Application Engineer

  • Product Integration Engineer
Technology Icon

Network Administrators

  • Data Infrastructure Engineer
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Network Engineer II
  • System Administrator IAT II & III
  • Network Operations Center Engineer
  • Data Center Systems Engineer

Cyber Security

  • DevSecOps Engineer
  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Senior Cyber Range Engineer
  • Cyber Security Analyst

Directors of Sales and Marketing

  • Proposal Writers
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Business Development

Project and Operations Managers

  • Program Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Superintendent

Payroll Services

  • Budget Analyst
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Controller & Contracts Manager
  • FMS Financial Analyst

Ready to secure top talent for your DOD contract?

Diriga can help you find qualified professionals with DOD security clearance.

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